Telecommunications is one of the most dynamic industry sectors today and with Contract Solutions leading in the manufacture of coaxial and waveguide components, you can be assured that we can meet your needs in this industry. Using highly accurate 5 axis CNC machines we have honed our techniques over the past few years allowing us to produce some of the most advanced telecommunication components available in this industry to date.

Our strict process for the manufacture of waveguide components allow us to accurately machine to a tolerance of 0.005mm, this ensures the units performance is to the highest possible standard. Our dedicated finishing department ensure each part is deburred, assembled and finished to the exacting standards you would expect in this industry.

Co-axial housings of all shapes and sizes can be machined in one hit to ensure the accuracy of the component. All of the parts produced for the telecommunications industry are finished to a very high standard and are 100% inspected under microscopes to ensure no substandard parts reach the customer.