Contract Solutions consider no job too big, too small, too complex or too simple. What ever your requirements are, they are all undertaken with the same quality in mind. Typical batch sizes vary from 1 off’s to 1000 plus. We also accommodate annual orders that can be called off though out the year, this helping to reduce costs to our customers. Productivity is increased greatly by operating skeleton night shift when required. With the added advantage of probing options and laser tool breakage within our CNC machining centres, we can guarantee no loss in quality whilst increasing capacity.

CNC Milling

Contract Solutions offer industry – leading CNC Milling services, producing high quality components for use in demanding applications including Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport. Whatever your requirements are they are all undertaken with the same quality in mind. Read More


Contract Solutions can now offer high quality multi axis turning with the introduction of a new Mori Seiki NLX 2500/700. This allows us to produce complex turned parts from 2mm – 300mm diameter and 700mm in length in a variety of materials from plastic to high temp alloys, to suit our customer needs. We have also invested in Sliding Heads to further add to our Capabilities. Read More

5 Axis Milling

With heavy investment in 5 axis machining we now operate eight Matsuura 5 axis machining centres. 5 axis machining allows the capability to make shapes and components in a single process increasing process reliability, accuracy and quality. Please contact us to find out more.Read More

Production Engineering

The company has invested in the highest level of engineering software available along with highly skilled and experienced Production Engineers/CNC Programmers. This level of investment in engineers linked to heavy capital investment allows the company to operate in the most challenging of component production.

Customers can also benefit from this ability providing assistance at the design process enabling the understanding of what is possible and what is cost effective or not.


In house finishing is an integral part of our ability to successfully operate in the precision component/assembly market.

Machine deburring is always employed but not always possible to successfully reach all of the features particularly on small precision components. This is where human intervention plays a vital role. CSS employ 6 highly trained personnel to carry out this function mostly working under microscopes and using precision hand tools to complete the operation. This process is applied to 100% of the components manufactured.

The company is also able to carry out bead blasting and has invested in its own surface coating facility. This was driven by the high level of damaged components received back from Sub Contractors. This facility is purely for Contract Solutions own use, including Alocrom 1000, 1200 and SurTec 650, which has added to the efficiency of the operation and the total quality control ambition. Read More

Capabilities & Plant list

Precision CNC Machining

3, 4 and 5 axis CNC Milling (Renishaw Probing onboard) – Eco Tower Automation

CNC Turning

CNC Sliding Head

24hrs x 7days Capacity runtime

Coating – Clear Chromate (Alochrome1000)/Yellow Chromate (Alochrome 1200 & Surtec 650) – not subcontract

Plant list

Matsuura 72-35v – Ø350 x 300mm – 2off 

Matsuura Hplus 300 – Ø530 x 560mm 

Matsuura MX520 – Ø500 x 350mm – 5 off(Lang Eco Tower Automation x 4) 

Matsuura Vplus800 – 750 x 500 x 400mm (Nikken 5 axis – Ø160mm x 100mm) 

Matsuura MC660 – 600 x 400 x 300mm • Matsuura MC600 – 300 x 300 x 300mm (Nikken 5 axis – Ø160 x 100mm)

Matsuura MC550 – 500 x 350 x 300mm – 2 off 

DMG Mori NLX2000 – Ø63.5 x 500mm – Twin Spindle 2 off 

DMG Mori NLX2500 – Ø250 x 700mm – 1 Twin Spindle, I Programmable Tailstock 

Sliding Head Star SR32 – 32mm 

Sliding Head Star SW20 – 20mm